Moving? Here Are Some Eco-Friendly Tips to Help You Stay Green

Did you know that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American creates over 2,000 pounds of trash every single year? With this in mind, it comes to no surprise that anyone who is considering moving will have to sort through a lot of unwanted belongings in preparation for a move. Moving isn’t always that beneficial for Mother Nature, considering all the materials involved and the trash accumulated along the way. Luckily, there are some eco-friendly ways you can make moving easier for the environment. Try out these tips next time you move:

Donate an item for each item you pack

An easy way to deal with the overwhelming amount of stuff you have in your home is to donate an item for each item that you pack. Not only will you be able to give stuff away to members of your community who need it the most, but you will also cut down on unnecessary clutter you won’t have to transport to your new place. Donate an item for each item you pack Contrary to popular belief, it is easy to donate many household items in addition to unwanted clothing. Extra books can go to the library or your local school, animal shelters love donations of bedding and pillows, and there are plenty of Veteran organizations that will take gently used furniture. Think of it this way – the more you donate, the less that will end up in landfills!

Pack up your kitchen last

If you pack up your kitchen as soon as you’ve purchased another home, chances are you’ll be relying on plastic plates, glasses, and silverware to get by. These items are incredibly damaging to the environment, so an easy way to keep their use to a minimum is by waiting to pack up your kitchen until the last possible day you can. Or, if you absolutely cannot wait to pack everything, keep out a place setting for every member of the family that you can pack last minute on moving day. Pack up your kitchen last

Use packing materials you already have

There’s no need to invest in single-use plastic wrap when you have towels, bedding, and even clothes to wrap your fragile belongings in. You also can save on cardboard boxes by packing your items in the containers you already have such as dressers, suitcases, gym bags, plastic bins, and reusable cloth bags. While you may need some boxes for the move, using containers that will need to be transported anyway will save precious resources. Use packing materials you already have

Only make a few trips

The less you travel back and forth to your new home, the less gas you will have to use and the fewer carbon emissions will be put into the atmosphere. Don’t just make trips to see updates and changes to the home; rather make mindful trips and bring a full car of belongings when you go. You’ll want to have as small of a carbon footprint as possible during the move. only make a few trips So when you are preparing for your next move, keep these eco-friendly tips and tricks in mind and Mother Nature will thank you! If you want more moving tips or need help finding the next home of your dreams, our realtors are ready to help you. Contact us today to get started.