Don’t Let These 6 Staging Myths Harm Your Home Sale

We all know that staging is an incredibly important part of the home selling process. Without great interior design and staging, potential buyers may not see the best features of your home and may even be turned off from making an offer. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there on home staging that can jeopardize the sale of your home. So, to ensure you follow the best home staging practices, we have debunked six common myths for you.

Myth 1: Only some homes need to be staged.

The point of staging a home is to set the scene for potential buyers to see themselves living in your home. All homes, big or small, townhouse or apartment, condo or luxury mansion, need to have some level of staging when put on the market. 

Myth 2: A stager won’t need to declutter for me.

This is untrue. Decluttering a home is a crucial part of every home sale, but it can be an incredibly personal process that is very overwhelming. There is a lot of emotion that goes into staging; simply because you’ll be transforming your home into a blank slate void of all your family’s memories. A professional stager can come in and do this for you, saving you stress during this process. 

Myth 3: We are unable to stage the home while living in it.

Staging can happen even if you are living in the home, you will just have to take some extra precautions when it comes to keeping everything clean and tidy. In fact, staging the home when you are living in it can even help give you some interior design tips for your new home! 

Myth 4: Staging will hide all minor problems.

Remember, staging is not a magic wand. While it will help your home look fresh and more appealing, it cannot hide minor problems that need to be fixed. Before beginning the staging process, it is a good idea to take a look around to see if anything needs to be fixed. This includes faulty lights, leaky faucets, chipped paint, damaged crown molding, or broken window panes. All of these details need to be mended before you can have a stager come in, or else prospective buyers may be turned off by these imperfections. 

Myth 5: Home staging is easy to do by yourself.

It is always a good idea to have another person help you stage your home simply because they will be objective when transforming the room. A professional stager, or even your real estate agent, can easily evaluate each room of your home for what needs to be added and removed simply because they do not have the personal ties to the property. As a fail-safe, know that it never hurts to get a professional’s opinion! 

Myth 6: Staging is a waste of money if I don’t sell the property right away.

Staging is an investment, and it is important for all homeowners to understand that they may not notice an immediate return on investment. But even if the home takes a few months to sell, staging a property almost always results in a higher selling price. This is because staged homes tend to look more professional to prospective buyers.    If you have any questions when it comes to staging your home, we’d love to help you. Contact us today to get started on your home buying and selling process!