Three value adds to look for when searching for a real estate agent

Three Value-Add Services to Look for When Searching for a Real Estate Agent

You need to sell your house and find a real estate agent, fast.

Before you do that, make sure you are aware of three important agent services that add value and can protect you during the home selling process.

If your agent doesn’t offer these key value points, then they most likely aren’t the right match for you.

Three Value-Add Services to Look for when searching for a real estate agent

1. Easy Exit Listing Agreement

This gives you the freedom to fire your agent at any time if they are not doing their job. An Easy Exit Listing Agreement not only gives you the comfort of knowing that you won’t get bound to someone who is not delivering, but it also speaks volumes of the agent’s integrity. An agent who is confident in their abilities should have no problem offering this type of agreement.

2. Communication Guarantee

Just like it sounds, a communication guarantee is exactly that. Many agents perform only the three P’s in real estate: They put a sign in the front yard, put it on the MLS (multiple listing service) and pray that it sells. An agent who makes a Communication Guarantee is vowing to keep you informed of activities and results throughout the entire selling process, often on a weekly basis. This communication could be in the form of emails, phone calls, text messages or face-to-face meetings.

3. Flexible Commission Options

To sum it up simply – this option could save you A LOT OF MONEY. An agent offering a variety of commission options, usually sells a lot of properties. They are market savvy and realize that not all transactions are created equal, so they vary their commission depending on specified circumstances. They’d rather have inventory to sell than sit idle doing nothing.

During the process of finding an agent, you’ll hear some talk about how good they are at what they do; how many homes they’ve sold, their average DOM (Days on Market), and so on.  Although some of those historical numbers may be impressive, the real appeal lies in what the agent can do for you today. A great agent will see that and be willing to offer value add services to help put your mind at ease.

We have found that these three valuable offerings can lead to a very fruitful relationship and experience with your future agent.

To summarize, make sure you seek out an agent that has the mindset of “What I can I do for you,” not “What can you do for me.”

Don’t forget, you are entrusting someone with a major investment in your life! So, be sure you are choosing a qualified, experienced agent who offers unique value-added services. AdvantageU Certified agents have been hand picked for top level service.

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