So Your Home Didn’t Sell

Not selling your home can be very discouraging. Your life has been disrupted. Furnishings and other possessions have been moved or sent to storage facilities and strangers have walked through your home at all hours. Your moving plans have abruptly changed and the endless phone calls alone are enough to make you scream.

You may feel like throwing in the towel just to avoid further disappointment. Or, you may feel you have no other option but to relist right away. Like falling off a bicycle as a kid, it can be scary and uncomfortable putting your home back on the market. Worse yet, you’ve lost confidence in the market and the marketing process. You definitely need someone to turn to for advice that will ensure you’re making the best decision possible considering your goals.

Don’t Put Off Getting Good Advice

Get the best advice in deciding what to do next. This is especially true if the reasons you wanted to sell to begin with are still valid. Either way, you should seek competent advice from a real estate professional who has experience in similar situations.

Being well informed about current market conditions and the reasons your home may not have sold the first time around is critical before you make any decision to relist. Finding the right agent is the most important thing to do right now! The right professional will present all the current market conditions and consult with you on your reasons for wanting to sell. They will work with you to help you determine the best time to get back on the market.

Not All Realtors Are Created Equal

If you or a member of your family required a delicate medical procedure, you would want to find the most highly qualified and skilled expert to perform that operation. It’s the same with any profession, including real estate. There are many practitioners, but only a few stand out at the top of the industry. Those are the folks you want to call on when a problem arises.

Top real estate professionals take a proactive and aggressive stance in getting the job done for their clients. They certainly don’t just plant a sign in your front yard and hope someone sees it. Many agents still approach listing a property in this fashion. However, the best agents do far more to attract qualified buyers to your home.

You Need a Good Plan

Top real estate professionals will craft a marketing plan specific to your needs and designed to sell your home quickly and efficiently. They will include powerful services like professional photography and staging of your home as well as far-reaching networking and marketing programs. Their plan will expose your property to the widest possible group of potential buyers and ultimately get it sold for the best price possible.

Real estate agents who are certified by AdvantageU™ – Home Sellers’ Resource have a proven track record of employing powerful marketing plans to get homes sold
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