Savvy Home Selling Insights – The Series

Over the next few weeks, I want to reveal  Four Savvy Home Selling Insights that can help you make thousands more profit from the sale of your home.  Your home will stand out from all of the other homes for sale in your market with these shrewd insights:

Insight #1: Purchase Decisions are more Emotional than Logical

Think about that.  People don’t buy homes because of purely logical reasons.  If they did, one four-bedroom, two-bath home would sell just like any other.   But they don’t.

That’s because people discriminate by nature.  One home will always appeal to them over another based on their personal desires. They buy homes because of the FEELINGS the home gives them.  Nearly everyone buys a home thinking of the LIFESTYLE BENEFITS they’ll get by living there. 

So it’s important to recognize and appeal to buyers’ EMOTIONS when marketing your home. You’ve got to make them fall in love with it! It takes a lot of experience and successful results to position a house to appeal to a buyer’s emotion. 

Everyone has their own tastes, ideas, and perception. Especially when it comes to purchasing a home. One home will always stand out, not only because it is priced or marketed better, but also because of the way that certain home makes a buyer feel. People are sometimes willing to pay more for a house, even if it doesn’t make sense logically – even if it is priced higher than an equally sized house in a similar area. Many variables come into play when purchasing a home, but nearly everyone buys a home for the lifestyle benefits they’ll receive by living there.

The number of rooms in a house, its size, even its location are important factors but are not the true reason a house sells. That’s a fact. It’s more about the feelings the buyer gets when they walk into that home. Is your buyer going to be a couple looking to start a family or a single person who just moved to the area? Are they young and just getting started or ready for retirement? These are questions that your real estate agent should know the answers to in advance. 

Get a competitive edge when you make the few improvements needed to evoke an emotional response to your house.  The subconscious appeal that you create may positively affect your sales price and help you sell more quickly. When you create an atmosphere that charms buyers, you’re on your way to making them want to own it.  You won’t get the chance to make a second impression on a potential buyer, so make the first visit count. Read some of our previous posts on preparing a house for sale to increase your potential for a quick sale; you’ll find the right buyer in no time. 

Good real estate agents know their market and potential buyers. They use cutting edge information to identify who the potential buyer is, what they’re looking for, what appeals to their emotions, etc. This information dictates how you market and potentially sell your home. Make sure the agent you choose understands the value of knowing your buyer and marketing accordingly.

Keep an eye out for the next 3 Home Selling Insights in this series or give me a call to find out sooner.