Quickest ticket to a Sold Sign!

So, you’re ready to put your home up for sale. The first step to help ensure a quick sale is to get an agent in there right away to asses what needs to be done. The biggest thing your agent suggests is Declutter, Declutter and while you’re at it Declutter. You assure your realtor that you are a ship-shape person already, so everything will be clean and ready when the potential buyers come, “promise.” Most homesellers will face this decluttering challenge. What agents wish their clients would understand is that decluttering and cleaning is more than just keeping the baseboards dust-free, the toilet seat down, and removing “stuff.” Instead, if you follow these tips, you will WOW your realtor, and more importantly, your prospective buyers. Image result for decluttering

Tip #1 – Assess.

Grab a notebook and take a tour of the home inside and out. Pretend that you don’t own the house. With this new perspective, you will see what your real estate agent really meant by decluttering. Write down anything that is the least bit offensive to the eye, including hoses left out, toys in the front yard, papers on the table, and newspapers stacked in the closet. Don’t hesitate to be extra critical. The more you notice, the more prepared your home will be for eagle-eyed buyers.    

Tip #2 – Get over your attachments.

The biggest issue for sellers preparing their home for listing is their attachment to their house. From repainting a room to removing family photos from the wall, sellers must accept that their time there is coming to an end. To manage this challenge, it’s best if homesellers remove personal items first. If you act like you are preparing a model home for viewing, it will seem less personal. To sell your home, you have to allow the buyers to imagine their personal belongings in the rooms – that this is their house.

Tip #3 Deal with the aftermath.

The act of decluttering will often leave you with boxes and boxes of your stuff. While stacking them in a closet may seem like the best option, it isn’t. Closet space is often one of the key selling points for a home, so they should be free of clutter. If closets are crowded, the buyer may get the impression that your home is just not big enough, even if it has the square footage they want. That’s why the garage is usually a better option. Most people store their extra things in the garage so that the buyer won’t perceive it as negative. If you don’t have the room in your garage, then consider using a storage facility or a friend or family member’s place instead. Remember, your realtor is the expert, and they will advise you that a well cleaned and decluttered house is your quickest ticket to a “Sold!” sign. For more tips, contact our team today.