Odors Kill Sales!

Potential buyers are instantly turned off if they walk into your home and something smells off. Even the smallest area of untidiness, dirt, grime or odor could cost a home seller dearly. Remember, you are putting thousands of dollars at risk by not adequately addressing any odors in your home.

If however, your home is spotless, it will sell quicker and you will see a greater return. And what better time to clean house than when you and your family are looking to move? Would you want to move into a new home that was unkempt, dirty or smelly? Neither do folks who are thinking of buying your home.

Even Normal Household Odors Should Be Contained

Even normal everyday odors should be eliminated; odors associated with pets if you have a dog or cat, like a litter box or doggie bed. This is doubly important as many people have pet allergies and may have an adverse reaction just walking in the door of your home if it isn’t cleaned properly and sanitized.

Toddlers in diapers and young children will often leave messes that might otherwise go undetected by busy parents. You may not notice the smell, but the buyers coming to walk through your home will! Those who smoke or vape should confine those habits to the great outdoors until your home is successfully sold.

Top Real Estate Pros Will Tell You These Things

Remember grade school? Wasn’t there always one kid whose personal hygiene needed some improvement? Who was willing to have that difficult conversation? Top real estate professionals will consult with you about these issues and can present you with a great variety of solutions.

What Should Be Done

While the odors you live with; whether from cooking, pets, your kids or your cigar smoking grandpa may be perfectly acceptable to you, they need to be eliminated during the home selling process. Carpets should be steam cleaned; the same goes for curtains and drapes. Floors should be stripped and varnished or waxed.

All ledges, door jambs, moldings, etc. should be dusted and cleaned regularly. Mold, mildew and other tough stains should be removed from bathrooms and kitchen areas. Pay special attention to laundry and pet areas. And please don’t forget about the stuffy attic or damp basement. Get a dehumidifier for the basement and air out the attic from time to time.

Take Care of Daily Odors

As for day to day smells, there is a large array of fresheners and other products designed to quickly eliminate most any troublesome odors. The last thing you’ll want to hear at Sunday’s Open House is, “So you had fish for dinner last night,” or, “Somebody in the house is a smoker, right?”

To paraphrase Horatio’s famous line from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” Something may be “rotten in the state of Denmark,” just make sure it’s not some malodorous thing lurking in the shadows of your lovely home.

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