If you think hiring a professional to sell your home is expensive, try hiring an amateur!

The agent you hire to sell your home can determine whether your home sells or not and how much you ultimately net if you do sell. Avoid Mistakes One of the most important benefits of hiring a professional agent is that they can help you avoid making costly mistakes. Should you put on a fresh coat of paint or would it be better to put in new countertops? What about the cabinets? Should you set a price based on assessed value or price it higher to account for buyer negotiations? There are a whole host of decisions that need to be made when selling a home. A professional agent is experienced and can help you avoid the trial and error that can be very costly to you in the long run. Leverage Technology A professional agent is up to speed on the latest online and offline resources that attract buyers. To sell a home effectively today, you need to know how and when to leverage the latest tools and resources such as Social media, videos, online ads, newspaper ads, mobile technology, professional photography, drones, email and more! A professional agent finds ways to make the home buying and selling process easier for and more accessible to their clients. Their job is to help sellers and buyers achieve their goals. Since technology helps agents do that, it has become a top priority. Find Solutions Expect the unexpected when selling your home. What if your home doesn’t pass the inspection? What if the buyer is not pre-approved for a mortgage? What if you have a contingent buyer who has to sell their house first? When unexpected issues or challenges surface, a professional has the experience to know how to handle it so the process continues to move forward. Don’t get caught off guard by the….“What if’s” in real estate.