Active Marketing Means More Money For Home Sellers!

Passive versus Active Marketing

Back in the day, marketing a home for sale meant that the contracted agent would stick a sign in the homeowner’s yard, list the property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) of the local Real Estate Board and run the occasional newspaper ad. When those simple tasks were done, the listing agent could then sit back and wait for someone else to bring in a potential buyer. They might even schedule an open house or two and hope someone walked through the door.

If this strategy sounds familiar, it’s because all too often, it’s still the basic marketing plan that many real estate agents employ today. However, the most successful agents in the industry have a wide variety of tools at their disposal to better service their clients. When choosing a real estate agent today, it’s critical that you select someone who is proactive; an agent who offers far reaching and aggressive marketing strategies.

Active Marketing Means Better Preparation

Statistics show that 70 percent of prospective home buyers first look at a home online. Professional photographs, high quality videos and virtual tours have quickly become the new norm in the real estate industry. The most successful agents are able to offer many additional benefits to their clients, often at no extra charge.

These include professional photography and video services. Drone photography is often used to give prospective home buyers a “bird’s eye view” of your property. And before the first photo is taken, proactive agents professionally “stage” your home to present it at its very best!

Actively Searching for Buyers

Today’s top real estate agents focus their attention on exposing available properties to the widest audience possible. They accomplish this by utilizing a variety of programs and arranging placement on multiple websites. In many cases, a property can be featured on literally hundreds of real estate oriented websites.

These Internet savvy real estate professionals spend a great deal of time, energy and money making sure that the properties they represent get the widest exposure possible through the greatest number of potential networks. Then, they carefully control the placement of your home on the Web so it will attract the largest number of potential buyers.

Top real estate professionals will also create a unique website for each home they represent. All of this online activity generates interest in your home not only locally, but throughout your region, across the United States and even internationally.

More Activity Means More Money

What does all of this mean for the individual home seller? The answer is simple. Proactive agents create a higher level of interest in your property through their marketing efforts. More interest will generate more quality offers for your home. Simply put more activity and more exposure ultimately means more money in a home seller’s pocket!

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